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TouchNTuff 73-300 / 73-500

Ansell Expands Product Offering With TouchNTuff® Sensitive Neoprene Gloves for Sterile and Clean Environments

TouchNTuff 73-300 / 73-500

A New Feel In Double Donning & Dry Applications

Iselin, New Jersey (June 21st, 2013) – Ansell, a global leader in personal protection solutions, announces the introduction of the TouchNTuff® 73-500 Sterile Sensitive Neoprene Gloves and TouchNTuff 73-300 Clean Sensitive Neoprene Gloves for the Life Sciences industry. Both gloves are manufactured using the proprietary SENSOPRENE® formulation of Ansell, delivering market-leading sensitivity in both double donning and dry applications while providing an alternative to traditional latex gloves.

Gloves made from the SENSOPRENE formulation are up to 30 percent thinner than standard Ansell Neoprene gloves and are free of both latex proteins and chemical accelerators. Combined with an ergonomic design, the TouchNTuff Sensitive Neoprene gloves help to reduce the risk of both Type I (latex) and Type IV (chemical) allergies without diminishing the sensitivity and comfort needed for life science applications. Additionally, the glove’s cream color functions as a breach indicator during double-gloved applications when paired with other glove colors.

Nearly 30 percent of applications within the global life science market involve the need for double donning in sterile and controlled environments.  The enhanced sensitivity and feel of the SENSOPRENE formulation facilitates the ease of double-gloving, reducing hand fatigue and increasing adherence to safety protocols. Coupled with the chemical splash resistance from neoprene, the TouchNTuff 73-500 and 73-300 gloves protect users from a broad range of chemicals.

“As our efforts to keep up with the increasingly unique demands of our customers continue, our TouchNTuff brand has raised the bar for personal and product protection,” said Scott Corriveau, President and General Manager, Ansell Industrial Solutions Global Business Unit. “TouchNTuff 73-500 and 73-300 gloves combine the legendary TouchNTuff gloves performance with a superior sensitivity and comfort in double donning and dry applications, serving a wider scope of functions, enhancing performance and adding protection to both the worker and their product.”

TouchNTuff single-use gloves deliver superior protection and exceptional performance. The combination of a thin construction and good chemical protection in a single glove allows users to find sensitivity & security where light-duty, chemical-splash protection is required. Since their inception in the early 1990s, TouchNTuff products have empowered workers with a range of single-use gloves designed to provide the ideal balance between comfort, performance and product consistency.

For more than 100 years, Ansell has been recognized for continually innovating and leading the hand protection and protective clothing industry by providing specialized solutions that meet the unique challenges faced by workers across sectors. With sales of more than a billion pairs of TouchNTuff gloves each year, workers in a wide variety of industrial, laboratory, pharmaceutical and critical environment applications around the world place their trust in the TouchNTuff brand every day.


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