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A new feel in double donning & dry applications with the Sensitive Neoprene Gloves 73-300 & 73-500

A new feel in double donning & dry applications with the Sensitive Neoprene Gloves 73-300 & 73-500

A new feel in double donning & dry applications with the Sensitive Neoprene Gloves 73-300 & 73-500

The TouchNTuff Sensitive Neoprene glove is a unique offering designed to deliver unprecedented sensitivity and comfort in double donning and dry applications.

If you are looking for latex-free gloves that offer unprecedented sensitivity and comfort in both dry applications and double donning, two new products launched by Ansell - the market leader in protection solutions, could be your best bet. TouchNTuff® Sensitive Neoprene gloves is a unique offering: its models 73-300 Clean Sensitive Neoprene gloves and 73-500 Sterile Sensitive Neoprene gloves are manufactured using the proprietary SENSOPRENE™ formulation of Ansell. They have already evoked much interest in the market, both for sterile and clean environments. Up to 30 percent thinner than standard neoprene gloves, they offer a new feel, and the sensitivity and comfort required by Life Sciences applications while reducing the risk of both Type I (Latex) and Type IV (Chemical) allergies.

TouchNTuff® Sensitive Neoprene Gloves: Key Features

  • Chemical Splash Resistant: Made of 100% polychloroprene, these gloves are splash resistant against a wide range of chemicals.
  • Low Allergenicity: These Neoprene gloves are free of both chemical accelerators and latex proteins, which significantly decreases the risk of Type IV (accelerators) and Type I (Natural Rubber Latex) allergies.
  • Double Donning: Thanks to the SENSOPRENE™ formulation, these gloves are up to 30% thinner than their standard neoprene counterparts, whichfacilitate easy donning, irrespective of whether you need to use them in double donning applications or for dry and wet donning.
  • Advanced Sensitivity: You can enjoy ultimate sensitivity by wearing these Ansell gloves, which is attributed to their new glove thickness and Neoprene formulation.
  • Comfort & Fit: With an ergonomic design, these gloves reduce hand fatigue and stress, apart from offering an improved fit and higher level of comfort. 
  • Steer Clear of Cuff Roll Down: Thanks to Ansell’s SureFit Technology, both TouchNTuff 73-300 Clean Sensitive Neoprene Gloves and TouchNTuff 73-500 Sterile Sensitive Neoprene Gloves are secure around the arm, thus giving the wearer more barrier protection in routine manufacturing and lab applications.

 A new feel in double donning & dry applications: Welcome to the new TouchNTuff® Sensitive Neoprene Gloves – 73-500 & 73-300

Ansell expands the TouchNTuff ® product offering with two new models of functional gloves delivering superior tactility and several unmatched features for your laboratory, pharmaceutical, industrial, and critical environment applications.

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