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Polyisoprene Second Skin Feel &
Minimum Latex Sensitization
Neoprene Chemical resistance &
Low Allergenicity
Nitrile Excellent Durability
Natural Rubber Latex Comfortable & Affordable
Enjoy “second-skin” feel with Ansell’s Polyisoprene Gloves - 83-300 and 83-500

Enjoy “second-skin” feel with Ansell’s Polyisoprene Gloves - 83-300 and 83-500

Enjoy “second-skin” feel with Ansell’s Polyisoprene Gloves - 83-300 and 83-500

If you are looking for gloves that are easy to wear and give you a “second-skin” feel, in addition to meeting your comfort expectations and helping you perform well on the job,your search ends at theTouchNTuff® Polyisoprene gloves 83-300 and 83-500. Promoted as the “Best in Class Second skin feel minimizing latex sensitization”, these gloves offer the wearer a clean and very comfortable fit with tactile sensitivity.

What makes 83-300 and 83-500 so special?

Unmatched features, the signature style of Ansell’s TouchNTuff® brand, is what drives the high demand for 83-300 and 83-500. When you choose to don these gloves, you can look forward to enjoying the following features:

  • Comfort & Fit: These gloves are produced on new, ergonomically-designed hand specific formers that offer you a second skin feel, thanks to an enhanced level of comfort and fit. When asked to provide feedback, many wearers mentioned experiencing a lower hand fatigue and stress when using TouchNTuff® Polyisoprene gloves.
  • Performance characteristic of Natural Rubber Latex : These gloves share the same chemical structure as natural rubber, deliver the performance characteristics of Natural Rubber Latex, and yet minimize the risk of latex sensitization.
  • Low allergenicity: Since both 83-300 and 83-500 are made of 100% synthetic polyisoprene, latex-sensitive laboratory professionals and users have a lower risk to develop Type I skin allergy.
  • Eliminate cuff roll-down: Ansell SureFit Technology ensures a secure fit around the arm, and eliminates “cuff roll down”. All workers engaged in manufacturing environments or routine lab work can now enjoy a better barrier protection by donning 83-300 and 83-500.
  • Donning: Thanks to the proprietary inner coating technology of Ansell, these gloves can be used easily for wet and dry hand donning. With innovative design and 0.21 mm thickness, both 83-300 and 83-500 Polyisoprene gloves can be comfortably used for double-gloving.
  • Improved grip: The gloves have anti-slip finish, which helps prevent slippage and offer an enhanced grip.


Ansell, a global leader in protection solutions, addressed the challenge of offering a glove with all the performances of Natural Rubber Latex  gloves with minimum risk of Type I allergy, by launching TouchNTuff® 83-300 Clean and 83-500  Sterile Polyisoprene gloves.

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