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Ansell and TouchNTuff innovations at Trade Shows Interphex and CPhl

Ansell Life Sciences Stands Out with Innovative New Glove Offerings and a Longstanding Reputation at Trade Shows in North America and Europe

Ansell and TouchNTuff innovations at Trade Shows Interphex and CPhl

Within the next 12 months, the global pharmaceutical market is expected to exceed a trillion dollars in revenues for the first time ever.  In large measure, the ability to meet the ever-growing global demand for pharmaceutical products depends on maintaining well-controlled, sterile manufacturing environments and supplying workers with the latest generation of personal protection equipment. That’s where Ansell Life Sciences comes in. Ansell Life Sciences is committed not only to meeting current needs in the personal protection market, but also to gauging unmet needs and anticipating future trends.

In October 2013, Ansell was present at Interphex, which took place in San Juan, Puerto Rico, from October 7th to 10th, and also at CPhl, which took place in Frankfurt, Germany, from October 22nd to 25th.  These shows provided the ideal forum for introducing new products, presenting talks on current challenges in clean-room manufacturing and providing solutions to conference participants. With more than 12,000 visitors, Interphex is the premiere North American show for companies involved in all aspects of biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Likewise, CPhl, which had more than 34,000 visitors this year, is a global show, with pharmaceutical manufacturers converging from all over the world.

Ansell was present at Interphex

What’s New?

The news, which has been unfolding over the last several months, is the introduction of the latest generation of Ansell’s TouchNTuff® sterile and non-sterile, latex-free gloves. Paradoxically, the development of this new line of gloves represents a continuation of a historical commitment to innovation. Based on the Occupational and Safety Health Administration’s estimates, 17% of the population has some type of an allergic reaction to latex. By offering latex-free gloves that have the strength and durability to protect wearers from coming in contact with dangerous chemicals, while also protecting products from contamination by bare hands, Ansell is bringing its gold-standard approach to the TouchNTuff line---and responding to the personal health concerns  of workers in the industry.

The TouchNTuff 83-500 Sterile Polyisoprene Glove, features a new patent-pending, natural rubber latex-free, polymer---polyisoprene---developed to mimic the attributes of natural rubber and provide a “second skin” fit. The TouchNTuff 93-700 Sterile Nitrile Glove provides three benefits in one, chemical splash-exposure resistance, comfort and performance. Extensive testing shows that although TouchNTuff 93-700 Sterile Nitrile gloves are thinner than other latex alternatives, they are four times more puncture- and tear-resistant than natural rubber latex. Another 2013 introduction: the TouchNTuff 73-500 Sterile Sensitive Neoprene Glove, which is made from the proprietary Ansell SENSOPRENE® formulation, is up to 30 percent thinner than standard neoprene gloves---a factor which greatly facilitates double donning and reduces hand fatigue. Because they are latex-free and have no chemical accelerators, these gloves reduce the risk of Type I (latex) and Type IV (chemical) allergies without diminishing sensitivity or comfort. In addition to these sterile versions, Ansell also offers non-sterile versions with the same features (the TouchNTuff 73-300; 83-300 and 93-300 gloves).


Getting Positive Feedback

The response to the new TouchNTuff product-offerings at Interphex and CPhl was extremely positive. And as the world’s largest glove manufacturer, this really gave Ansell an opportunity to engage with customers. According to Tim Paree, National Corporate Accounts Manager, Industrial and Specialty Markets, North America, "The biggest marker of success is how people respond when they put the TouchNTuff gloves on. There were a lot of decision-makers at Interphex slipping these gloves on, and they all said the gloves felt good. Our products stood out for that reason. They had all of the attributes that matter in a clean-manufacturing environment and they felt good."


Face to Face: Finding the Right Balance

In addition to trying on the gloves and looking at the broad range of offerings from Ansell, visitors to the booths discussed challenges, such as worker acceptance of changing safety standards and strategies to address these challenges.  They were pleased to hear about Ansell’s Guardian® platform, which is designed to help create a customized, integrated approach for individual customers. Ansell Guardian identifies the right balance between hand-protection spend and operational impact, while TouchNTuff® gloves support those efforts with an ideal balance between comfort, performance and product consistency. 

As the industry moves towards the epochal $1 trillion mark, and the standards of clean-manufacturing become increasingly rigorous, Ansell will be around to discuss its existing products, unveil new products and find solutions. Look for a solid booth presence at Interphex New York in March 2014 and at other shows throughout the globe in 2014.

Ansell was present at CPhl





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