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A new comprehensive packaging color strategy for TouchNtuff

A new comprehensive packaging color strategy for TouchNTuff

A new comprehensive packaging color strategy for TouchNtuff

Ansell launched an initiative to upgrade the packaging of its new TouchNTuff gloves starting in 2012 and 2013. With prominent color codes that reference the material of the glove, the plan is to make it easy for workers to identify the kind of gloves they are using.

IPA resistant printing ink is used for the packaging of clean and sterile environment products. While sterile products are packed in white material, their non-sterile, clean counterparts have a cool grey packaging. With such a color code in place, product differentiation is simplified.

Our packaging color strategy will achieve the following plan:

  • New single use gloves launched since 2012 will benefit from this new design.
  • Use of the same packaging design to integrate our complete single use  glove portfolio under the TouchNTuff franchise

Once both these steps are accomplished, several benefits will emerge, such as:

  • Aligning all Ansell product protection gloves and workers under the solitary brand of TouchNTuff
  • Building an improved level of consistency within the TouchNTuff product portfolio
  • Offering both the end users and distributors a simple brand and product offering within the Life Sciences Industry
  • Facilitating easy identification of the type of TouchNTuff gloves in use for the end user





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