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Nitrile Excellent Durability
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Material Title: 
Nitrile Glove
Lab & Utility
Key Features

100% Nitrile

Made of 100% nitrile

Excellent puncture resistance

Offers three times the puncture resistance of standard latex or vinyl gloves.

Comfort and Chemical Resistant

Gives a high level of protection against hydrocarbons, fats, grease and alcohols


Combines excellent fingertip sensitivity with exceptional durability.


Lightweight and comfortable to wear

Food Compliant

TouchNTuff® gloves comply with FDA food handling requirements (21 CFR 177.2600).

Applications (Lab & Utility)

Assembly and inspection
Laboratory analysis
Light assembly tasks

Experience lightweight comfort and premium durability

Crafted using 100% nitrile, these gloves offer three times the puncture resistance of standard latex or vinyl gloves. Since they contain no silicone, waxes, or plasticizers, the wearer has a reduced risk of suffering from Type I allergy common with the use of products made of Natural Rubber Latex. Wearers donning these gloves enjoy a high level of protection against fats, hydrocarbons, grease and alcohols. Apart from being lightweight and exceptionally durable, these gloves boast a finger textured finish that offers superior comfort and sensitivity to the wearer.

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Material Nitrile
Color Light Blue
Glove Design Ambidextrous, Powder Free, Finger textured
Cuff Beaded Cuff
Audit Standards ISO 9001, ISO 13485
Quality Control FDA 21 CFR 177-2600
Packaging 150 gloves per dispensers, 10 dispensers per shipper carton, 1500 gloves per shipper cartons
Storage Keep out of direct sunlight; store in a cool and dry place.
Keep away from sources of ozone or ignition.
Country of Origin Malaysia
Property Typical values Testing method
SIZE XS (5.5-6) S (6.5-7) M (7.5-8) L (8.5-9) XL (9.5-10) ASTM D3767/EN 420
Nominal Length (mm) 240 240 240 240 240
Average Palm Width (mm) 75 85 95 106 116
Freedom from Holes (Inspection level I) 1.5 AQL ASTM D5151/EN 374-2
Palm Thickness Single Wall (mm : 0.08) / (mils : 3) ASTM D3767/EN 420
  Before Aging After Aging  
Ultimate Tensile Strength Min 14 Mpa Min 14 Mpa ASTM D 412-06a
Elongation at Break(%) Min 500% Min 400% ASTM D 412-06a
ASPN 586312 586313 586314 586315 586316
ORACLE 105130 105131 105132 105133 105134

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