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Polyisoprene Second Skin Feel &
Minimum Latex Sensitization
Neoprene Chemical resistance &
Low Allergenicity
Nitrile Excellent Durability
Natural Rubber Latex Comfortable & Affordable
TouchNTuff Values and History

TouchNTuff Values and History

TouchNTuff Values and History

Superior Tactility, Increased Comfort and Optimum Protection

For the last twenty years, single-use gloves have offered superior tactility and high resilience in both wet and dry environments. TouchNTuff® provides a high standard hand protection against harmful chemicals splashes across a wide number of industries, including chemical, general industry, research and pharmaceutical. Millions of workers do their job more effectively, more comfortably and more safely thanks to the optimum protection offered by TouchNTuff® gloves.


Since its inception in the early 1990s, the original version for the TouchNTuff® brand aimed to provide the ideal balance between comfort, performance and product consistency. Today we retain this vision as we bring new additions to the product offering.

With yearly sales of over a billion glove units in the TouchNTuff® product range, everyday, workers place their trust in the TouchNTuff® brand.

TouchNTuff values

Products on Offer

Gloves for Clean Environments

Users worldwide, when looking for clean room gloves that offer unrivaled protection and optimum comfort, put their trust in the TouchNTuff® product range.

Choosing the right glove for clean environments depends primarily on two considerations:

  • How compatible the glove is with respect to the manufacturing process of products.
  • How relevant the glove characteristics are for the environment where they are slated to be used.

All TouchNTuff® gloves, which rank high on both these parameters, can serve as the ideal partner for dynamic clean environment industries. Having set a new standard for protection and comfort in critical environments, these products are voted highly by their users all over the world.

Gloves for Sterile environments

Premium quality, disposableTouchNTuff® gloves, which are available in smooth, textured finish and different length, maximize performance and comfort without any risk of allergy. For pharmaceutical and life sciences industries, it’s crucial to protect the hands of their products and staff who work in sterile job environments, which is where the TouchNTuff® sterile environment gloves can help.

Laboratory environment gloves

Workers in laboratories need gloves that protect them from coming in contact with potentially hazardous agents or chemicals, in addition to protecting the products from being contaminated by bare hands. TouchNTuff® laboratory environment gloves are manufactured to meet these hand health needs of laboratory workers.

Life Sciences safety

Life Sciences industry faces a lot of challenges, which include compliance with tougher safety regulations, boosting customer demands, and battling fierce competition. Workers need to use quality gloves that not only offer superior and consistent performance, but also protect them from the being injured by products they handle. Avoiding probable allergenic reactions to their work environments, as well as safeguarding products from microbiological and particulate contamination in clean-room environments, and in sterile and / or manufacturing conditions are also a necessity. Our TouchNTuff® gloves are designed with these parameters in mind. A wide variety of TouchNTuff® gloves suitable for various applications within the Life Sciences industry are made available in the market, which ensure high safety by offering consistent results.




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